What Our Customers Says About Us

"I'm really impressed with the proprietor and their service. They are extremely knowledgeable about the different kinds and ways to use products. My favorite is the transdermal relief cream. It has worked wonders on my sore muscles and back pain.
Definitely check them out."

~ Merideth, Texas

"I was recommended by one of my close friends KG to try some of the Delta 8 gummies. To say the least, I was delighted and will be returning to explore more products!"

~ Susy, Texas

"Awesome customer service! They really know about their merchandise and can educate you on anything cbd."

~ Stephanie, Texas

"The Pachamama Athletic Rub works on my sciatic nerve."

~ Valeñte, Texas

"Thank you for all the informative information that you share. The cream I got for my dad is working great. The cream I got for my friend's arthritis is helping him as well. Couldn't be more pleased with your products and knowledge. Will definitely be buying more in the future."

~ Karen, Texas

"Friendly customer service. Knowledgeable about their products and fast shipping."


"High end product, well priced, accurate shipping. Very impressed and will definitely purchase again!"

~ Fey, IOWA

"Easy to use and long lasting."


"Hits super smooth and smells amazing. Really mellow high, just wished it lasted a little longer. Overall amazing product and good quality!"

~ Chase, IOWA

"Very good flavor and definitely a good product! Highly recommend."

~ Nathan, Illinois

"Love it. Great Products and Promotions."

~ Alondra, Texas

"I tried a 20mg Delta 8 capsule, I loved it! I was recommended by KG! Will definitely be trying more items!"

~ Noemi, Texas

"I was given a capsule from Carsen and after my experience with it, I give it a 10/10 and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out. Definitely worth it"

~ Camryn, Louisiana

"KG recommended the D8 gummy. Absolutely loved it. I'll be looking forward on trying more!"

~ Oscar, Louisiana

"I just tried their 1000 MG D8 Cartridge in Clementine and it was so great! A very controlled and smooth cartridge, the feeling is almost instant. I will definitely be trying more of their products! Customer service was 100%! they helped me out so much and answered any questions i had. Everything was above and beyond! Anyone interested in trying out D8 or CBD should definitely check out Unbent Hemp’s line of Valley Medicinal products! ALL good honest products."

~ Karyna, Texas

"Amazing customer service. These young ladies are very knowledgeable about there products. Picked up some delta 8 gummies for back pain. Phenomenal."

~ Noe, Texas

"I'm amazed with using the Revival Muscle Gel for my hands. I have been using it two months now."

~ Sandra, Texas

"Were really helpful with the products that we needed for our aches and pains."

~ Irma, Texas

"The Revival Transdermal Cream helps relieve my pain and smells refreshing."

~ Shay, Texas

"Great Service, very knowledgeable in their product and reasonable prices. Orders come in on time. I recommend it!"

~ Nena, Texas

"I absolutely loved this product! It is a must try! Helped me relax and didn't give me a bad aftermath"

~ Jena, Texas

"The gummies made me feel relaxed and I enjoyed the taste. Great product! Happy I found you guys to try other things."

~ Joy, Iowa

"Great quality, burned slowly and without running."

~ David, Iowa

"Great product and great communication. Highly recommend and will order again."

~ Kalin, Iowa

"This gel cap hit instantly. I felt calm and a nice mind high. I definitely would use these again. They are discreet, portable and legal! You can still function out and about! Such a good product."

~ Angela, Texas

"I give it a 10/10. I really liked the flavor of the gummy. I felt no paranoia just straight calmness. I will look into trying more from Unbent Hemp."

~ Santiago, Texas

"Great place to shop for quality items. Loved the gummies and will definitely return for more. Thanks KG for all the help & recommendations."

~ Reyna, Texas

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